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P.PORTO School of Health


P.Porto School of Health

The P.Porto School of Health is the largest Portuguese higher education institution in the area of healthcare technologies. With its 2,200 students, 312 teaching staff members, 12 undergraduate degrees, seven masters’ degrees and several continuing education courses, the School is the third biggest in P.PORTO.

Real-life contextual learning is highly valued as can be seen in the weight given to credits awarded for such learning activities – about one third – as well as in the community outreach policy, manifest both in the provision of actual healthcare services and the setting up of training labs.

A good example of this is the Mobile Health Unit / Healthcare Training Clinic with which we reach the community (schools, nursing homes, charities, public spaces, among others) through health screenings and awareness campaigns, under the umbrella of health education.

We lead the way in Health education in Portugal.

We promote a diversified educational offer and a supportive environment for research and innovation activities. The high employability rate of our graduates and the international recognition of foreign employing institutions contribute to make this School one of the most applied to in the healthcare area.

We are Health, we are P.PORTO

Exchange information:

  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiology
  • Radiotherapy